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Bitcoin News

At least for the time being, Bitcoin is THE coin that still determines the direction of the whole crypto market.

That’s why - as seasoned crypto investors - we pay very special attention to what Bitcoin is doing every day of the week.

Hidden inside Bitcoin’s price movements are gems that can give you a powerful crystal ball into what other coins are doing as well. In our weekly Bitcoin News reports, we pull back the curtain on Bitcoin’s influence on the whole Cryptocurrency galaxy, keeping you up-to-date and on top of your crypto game.

Crypto News

To say crypto markets move fast… would be an enormous understatement. And not all the info that comes out is even that important for your portfolio. A lot of it is hype. So how do you decide what’s valuable?

Top investors know that taking in the right 2% of crypto news - the stuff that actually moves the needle - is far smarter than “drinking from a fire hose” and ending up overwhelmed.

BitcoinDorks condenses the information that’s most applicable to YOU — and to the rapidly-developing world of crypto.

Crypto Trading

It’s great to buy & hold a coin you believe in. But if you’d like to make the MOST money possible in crypto — I’m talking 20x-plus gains — trading is the only way to go.

Though we are NOT financial advisors and do not give specific financial advice, we provide resources and breakdowns of successful trades — What does smart trading look like? What are the signs you should exit or enter a trade? These are all questions we answer to give you an expert-level view of crypto trading in the shortest time possible.

We’ll even give you examples of how to trade so your portfolio goes up during times the crypto market is going down. How do we know all this? Because we’ve relentlessly been testing these strategies since 2015. So you are in good hands.

Bitcoin & Crypto Made Easy!

Crypto is an enormous space. It’s literally expanding to almost every corner of the Internet — and its potential future uses will change how we live and work in ways we can’t even predict right now. 

That’s why your decision to dig in and understand crypto right now is an investment in the better future of mankind. Words can’t describe how excited we are to take you by the hand and show you what’s possible in this space. 

Our research and reviews can help you find excellent investment opportunities. Our guides will help you in benefiting from crypto platforms like an absolute pro. And of course, you’ll learn the best practices for investing and trading cryptocurrencies previously only known in small “insider” circles. 


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